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One of my clients, Mrs.Marry, is an independent person. She can dress and eat by herself, but with mobility, she needs support because she loses her balance quite easily when she walks. Thus, I helped her to wake up after the dinner, walk outside her house together and helped her not fall over.



I was talking to her all that time, about her first love, how she got married and how she likes to sit on a summer morning in front of her house and listen to the birds twittering. After she tired from walking, I brought her back to her bedroom to take a bit of rest, where I helped her to sit on the armchair and I put her legs up so that she felt comfortable. These elderly people are so lovely, so patient and so calm! I like spending evenings with Marry, and these short daily walks help her to keep in form so that she stays independent for as long as possible which is very important to her and it makes it easier for her to cope with the reality of aging. It's great when you still, even at your 80's, can live on your own and you don't need to be completely dependent on another person.


Senior Care: Help Them Be More Independent


How can we make sure that our elderly parents do not end up in a nursing home where they cannot decide on their own what to do and where to go - as usually there is a rigid regime they need to follow? Well, this is not to say anything against the excellent service nursing homes provide, as sometimes without their help, the lives of many elders would be so much more difficult, and actually some older people are happy to go to such a home, as they can enjoy the presence of the like-minded friends of similar age and life experiences - so why not?


But if your parents like to go for long walks, enjoy the nature, feed little birds, or just go fishing or play golf - why not to enable them do what they like? This is what services of a home care company are for - well-educated and skilled carers will look after elderly people - and actually your Mum or Dad could get a carer who would suit their personality, of a like-minded character, somebody with similar hobbies - the chances are, that there is an ideal carer for every single person.


So why not give it a try and see how your parents, unless you have enough time to spend with them yourself, could benefit from having a friend who would enable them still continue to do what they really enjoy!


Elderly Care: Fresh Air Heals


Hey, do you enjoy walking in a forest or in a park on a lovely sunny day? How about bringing your loved ones with you? As you know, sometimes it can be difficult to move on your own - but when you get some help, you can enjoy last autumn sun beams as well - and breathing the fresh air makes wonders to how you feel and what mood you are in. It is sad that people in hospitals and sometimes people in nursing homes don't get much sun.


Aren't their days then too dark? I hate the feeling when I am sitting in bed, looking out of the window, feeling the sunshine, but not being able to go out and actually be in the nature and feel the touch of the sun on my shoulders.


So what - do you agree how important it is now to share these beauties with those who cannot make it on their own?


Can you give them a helping hand and bring them out? And to say thank you, their smile will shine on their faces.


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Care Giver Service- the Useful Information for the Olds

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This article was published on 2010/05/14